At long last, some sun. Beautiful winter's day.


Mark, Boxman & Ben

Usually Ben's a fair-weather runner (you can spot him on Brighton seafront at lunchtime), but he braves the elements to do some cross-country with Mark and Boxman. Lesson learned: the hilly countryside is hard work. To run across. Oww.


Batesy & Josh

Batesy and Josh are baking up in the kitchen. Batesy isn't entirely happy with the results but everyone else declares it yummy.


Andy, Harry & Kyle head home

Our first departures: Andy B, Harry & Kyle head back to Brighton.

API Design

Emil & Mark

Emil and Mark have got a solid API design. They start collaborating with Andy H to sync it up with the prototype.


Andy H

Andy has a working prototype. Now he starts to match it up with the API design that Mark and Emil are doing.

Sign up and login

Jeremy and Brian

Jeremy and Brian are investigating ways of signing up and logging in. They're particularly keen to try to find non-password based sign up flows. If someone makes a phone call or sends a text, can they be uniquely identified?

Once again, the Tropo API gets a good workout.



It's sandwiches again but this time there's freshly-baked bread.



Ben is been focusing on on-boarding. He wants the service to share a hook: a question. Entice…start with national and then encourage people to give us details (as lazy sign up)…using the 'little nuggets' that Brian and co came up with.

He's also looking at Dashboard/Report interface, playing with using tiles for this. We want to encourage people to complete their profile.



Paul is putting together a brand identity for the Politmus product. He's playing around with litmus paper, ballot paper, and combining the two. He isn't totally satisfied with what he's got but it's enough to move on and put together a coherent styleguide for everyone to work from.

Interface design for smaller screens


Mike is mocking up what the user flow might look like on a small screen, focusing on the voting interface.

Example Image Example Image Example Image

Interface design for larger screens

Rich & Jon

Jon and Rich are concentrating on the outputs—how the user's aggregate data will be presented on a 'me' page. They focus on a tablet to desktop sized display.



Everyone gets together to share and demo what they've been working on.

Veggie chilli


The team feasts on veggie chilli, cornbread and all the trimmings.