Very windy. 10 degrees. Pretty shitty really.

API design

Mark and Emil

Mark and Emil are doing more work on the 'speculative' API layer.

On Boarding


Harry seeks out the little dopamine moments; the instant gratification moments that encourage users to engage after initial interaction.

Regular Use


Ben is sketching out an 'Activity feed' - the home screen of the app on a mobile, where users check for what's current. He also wonders: what if it was so successful that nobody in politics could ignore it? What might it look like?

The key thing for me was to understand the flow of politics through time

— Ben



Sandwiches again.

Interface design

Paul and Mike

Paul and Mike are examining the question UI. They are going mobile first. The hi-fi wireframes are now morphing into the simple, elegant design. They're interested in using the Readability API for legibility.

Video Depiction


One of the core principles emerging in this project is that technology should enhance the experience but not be a pre-requisite to use. Jeremy wants to demonstrate the various ways that a user could receive a question and respond with an answer so he puts together a rough video demo.

The prototype

Andy H

Andy H is playing with data. He demos the latest work on the prototype (running locally on App Engine as we have no reliable internet connection).

This demonstrates the need for a content-managed editorial layer to make these things human readable. But he makes something that works. It's now possible to make comparisons with MPs and constituencies.

The Branding

Batesy, Paul, Jon, Harry, Boxman, Rich

This thing needs a name. The concept so far: this application caters to a user's needs by offering a service analagous to RunKeeper or Nike+... but for politics. With that in mind, several strands are explored.

Unfortunately some ideas never see the light of day. Harry's getting hungry (and agitated):

Polltigeist?... just can't see it happening. Politico?... nope. Poll Vault?... has potential. just plain wrong.

Things start to become clearer. After a few rounds, "Is democracy working for you" becomes the tagline. It encapsulates everything that the work up to now has driven towards.

Someone had mentioned litmus tests earlier. The group comes back to it, realising that everything a litmus test implies in a political context could work. Comparisons. Opinions. Tracking. Voting. Democracy. The idea sticks. So it's a Litmus test but for politics...

That's cracked it. A brand name exists.

Can we just f*cking end this?

— Harry has had enough. Paleodiets are known to cause irrational mood swings.



The strands of the day are pulled together.

The Brothers Bloom


The second Rian Johnson movie of the week… The Brothers Bloom

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