The Journey


Everyone arrives at Clearleft HQ at 9am (even Paul). They pick up cars, pack them and by 10am they're Dorset-bound.

Arrive in Dorset


Everyone arrives at The Old Rectory, Symondsbury, Dorset.

Rented Ford S-Max Example Image Foursquare check-in

Game Design

Andy, Harry, James & Boxman

With an hour's preparation, Andy, Harry, Batsey and Boxman devise a creative brainstorming game called "Pivot" as a quick warm up exercise.

They design a game mechanic which involves combining Idea cards to come up with a product concept, collecting Product and Talent cards to build value, and then raising money from other teams by pitching their ideas.

The key creativity mechanic involves forcing teams to ditch one, two or all three of their Idea cards when they draw the infamous Pivot card, thereby forcing teams to constantly generate new product concepts.

Some cards from Pivot

Andy, Harry, Batsey and Boxman write over 300 cards full of industry references and acerbic whit. Positive examples include hiring Matt Biddulph as CTO, raising funding on Kickstarter, throwing parties at SXSW and getting mentioned on Mashable. Negative cards include being rejected by the App store, seeing staff poached by Facebook, having Twitter shut their public API and appointing a particularly useless consultant to your board of advisors. Some of the cards are side-splittingly funny and several could never be made public.



The group sits down to the first of many brainstorming exercises. Teams pick their initial Idea cards, develop a product concept and present their idea. Josh, Jeremy, Mark and Emil pitch "GutHub" a service for sharing 3D printed organs. Other teams vote on their ideas by giving them funding. This process is repeated three times throughout the game, moving from Seed funding to Series-A.

Pivot cards Jeremy pitching Team strategy

Intended as an ice-breaker, Pivot proves so engaging that it's played for the rest of the evening, with a brief break for dinner. Lots of interesting ideas are created and much fun is had by all.