Shite. Again.

Customer journey


Ben is looking at how engagement grows over time. He's also exploring the long-term vision of the product, looking at how the audience may change as the data becomes richer and un-ignorable: more appealing for journalists, MPs, and international audiences.

Customer journey sketching Customer journey sketching Customer journey sketching

Sitemap and wireframing


Rich is sitemapping and wireframing the user profile page, which is different to the dashboard page.


Paul & Mike

Paul and Mike are designing the logged-out homepage, exploring how the identity sits within interface. They want to make it enticing.



Sandwiches. And an unholy amount of pringles.

API definition


Emil wraps up the work on the the API documentation.

Consuming our API

Brian & Mike

Brian and Mike are thinking about how the API might be used by third party sites, like The Guardian or the BBC.

HTML Prototype

Jeremy & Emil

Jeremy is turning Mike and Paul's designs into a clickable HTML prototype. Emil jumps in and helps out when Jeremy gets distracted by shiny telephone API stuff.

Phone Prototype

Andy H & Jeremy

Jeremy wants to expand his hardcoded phone interface to actually use the API that Andy H has up and running. Andy writes Python. Jeremy writes PHP. It all works beautifully—small pieces loosly joined through a voice interface:

020 3051 6587



Time for one last round-up.