Overcast, light rain, gusty, 12 degrees-ish

A Morning Run

Mark, Rich, Boxman & Harry

Four gluttons for punishment punish their bodies in an endurance test.

Baking Bread

James Bates

Batesy…their master baker…makes white and spelt loaves. So, so artisan hipster.

Design Studio


It's time to figure out what everyone's going to work on. Rather than have people present possible ideas, they try an exercise called design studio.

They all split into groups of two. Each person in each group comes up with two ideas. Then the two people in each group present their ideas to one another and, through a process of iteration and collaboration, those four ideas are whittled down to two.

Now each group merges with another group so that there are four people in each group. Again, each person comes up with two ideas, presents them and starts whittling them down. Rinse and repeat. The groups are getting larger but the ideas are starting to converge.

At the end of this process, there are just four ideas on the table. In fact, two of the ideas are so similar that they end up getting merged, leaving them with three possible ideas to work on:

  • Second-screen interactions
  • Spimes
  • Political engagement

Time to vote


Now they have three possible themes they could work on. It's time for a vote. Out come the sticky notes and sharpies.

The results of the vote will be revealed after lunch...

Break for Lunch


Like vultures… their descent on bread, cheese, ham is savage.

Affinity Sort


The results of the voting are revealed. The winner is ...spimes. But just by a nose.

Now they have a big braindump of all the domains that could be disrupted by internet-enabled objects: civic buildings, consumer goods, toys. The braindump results in a wall full of post-it notes that are then grouped together into clumps of themes.



Everyone splits into three groups to explore three of the areas that formed the biggest clumps in the affinity sort.

The group exploring consumer goods is having a grand ol' time throwing ideas around. Meanwhile Mike and Brian are exploring the narrative possibilities of spimes. They write a short story together that highlights the utopian and dystopian scenarios of ubiquitous smart objects, sort of like Bruce Sterling's Maneki Neko.

But the group exploring how civic buildings could be enhanced by being network-enabled ...well, they start to think that maybe this whole spime thing isn't quite the right direction.

Example Image Example Image Example Image



Everyone reconvenes and shares the results of their explorations. The mutinous group make the case for returning to the theme of political engagement because that actually seems to offer more possibilities than spimes.

At this point, it could all get horribly divisive. But in fact it doesn't take long to get agreement: the political subject matter is indeed what they'd all rather be looking into.

They have a theme!



The first Rian Johnson film of the week... Looper.

Example Image Example Image Example Image