Andy Budd

Andy is a founding partner and Managing Director of Clearleft. He also goes by the title of User Experience Director depending what mood he’s in.

Andy Hume

Client-side architect at the Guardian, maker of things for the web.

Ben Sauer

UX Consultant at Clearleft

Brian Suda

Master Informatician, author of Designing with Data

Emil Björklund

UX geek from southern Sweden. Front-end developer at inUse.

Harry Brignull

User Experience Designer with a CogSci PhD

James Bates

Creative director at Clearleft

James Box

Digital product design for Clearleft and author of Undercover User Experience Design

Jeremy Keith

An Irish web developer living and working in Brighton, England

Jessica Spengler

Freelance translator and geek at heart

Jon Aizlewood

Designer at Clearleft

Josh Emerson

Front-end developer and designer

Kate Bulpitt

Office manager at Clearleft

Kyle Bean

Designer/illustrator who makes stuff out of stuff

Mark Perkins

Frontend dev @clearleft by day, developer @activeinbox by night

Mike Stenhouse

Designer, programmer and maker of things

Paul Robert Lloyd

Designer and frontend developer at Clearleft

Richard Rutter

User experience designer & web typography evangelist